Based in Bordeaux, France, we are an international startup accelerator focusing on Food, Beverages and Hospitality.

We bring together entrepreneurs and large corporations. We grow startups, opening our corporate partners' infrastructure and providing startups with both top mentoring and seed-capital investments. We assist large corporations working with startups, accelerating their digitization and embracing open innovation, worldwide.


Grow your StartUp

Since 2013, our mission is to meet with the most promising Food+Beverages+Hospitality Tech StartUps around the globe, and help them make a difference.


Re-invent your Corporation

We leverage our unique perspectives on StartUps and Open Innovation globally to assist large Corporations going digital and fostering innovation.


Invest in the future

We offer unparalleled opportunities to back early stage startups, disrupting the way 33% of the world's GDP is generated every year in the Food, Beverages & Hospitality markets.



Wine, Spirits & Beer

Our headquarters are based in Bordeaux, France, so we do have a native understanding of Wine, that we leverage to Spirits and Beer.

Market: 3% of the world GDP


Because we have great wines, we developed a taste for good food, perfectly paired. Its a whole industry, from farm to fork.

Market: 20% of the world GDP


Europe is by far the first destination for travelers, worldwide. Our heritage goes with a legacy in hospitality: welcome!

Market: 10% of the world GDP
Meet with us and join our network of innovators,
disrupting 33% of the world GDP
Where tradition meets with innovation.
33USTour, key figures:
  • 10,000 km from NYC to SF
  • 3,200 startups mapped
  • 1,600 startups contacted
  • 500 startups interviwed
  • 200 startups met
  • 10 towns crossed
  • 1 month in North America

What ARE YOU waiting for?

Come and meet with us during one of our events. Every week we travel the globe, to shake hands with innovators: startups and corporations.

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