Bordeaux open place

November 14h, 2016 - Bordeaux


33entrepreneurs supports Bordeaux Open Place to bring together a whole ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, corporations and specialized service providers. #playToYourStrengths


Every month, 33entrepreneurs' team of explorers go around the world to deep dive into local entrepreneurial ecosystems. We meet with local talent, with passionate entrepreneurs and innovators.

We like sharing insights as well as a glass of Wine and talk on your vision on how to re-invent: Food, Beverage or Hospitality.

Share insights

On a day to day basis, we work with global leaders in the Food, Beverage or Hospitality markets. Their practices in Open Innovation are worth being shared with other decision makers.

Leveraging our partnership with IHEIE, we set up a Scientific Board from top academics institutions such as Mines ParisTech, UC Berkeley, Shanghai Jiao Tong University... Together we benchmarked more than 250 corporations. This led us to define:

  • best practices in Open innovation
  • an index to measure those practices
  • a Ranking to mobilize stakeholders

Introduce our Framework

We will give you some examples of our framework to help startups and large coprorations generate positive outcomes in innovation:

  • idea sourcing to help large corporations re-invest themselves
  • team assessment to validate the adequate fit betwwen startups and corproations
  • innovative product testing, in real conditions, sandboxed, where large corporation buy the startups' products.

We call this framework the David & Goliath Dance. Implemented with world leaders.


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Monday, November 14th

11:00AM: External Growth
11:30AM: Digital Cybercrime
12:00AM: Organic Growth
12:30AM: International
01:00PM: Fundraising
01:30PM: Collaborative innovation
02:00PM: Employee Mobilization
03:00PM: Financing

Palais de la Bourse

17 Place de la Bourse
Transportation: Tram C, Place de la Bourse
Parking: Bourse

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METRO GROUP unites a group of strong, independent sales brands: METRO/MAKRO Cash & Carry is a leading international player in self-service wholesale trade. Media Markt and Saturn are the number one among consumer electronics stores in Europe, and Real hypermarkets sell every type of everyday product under one roof. is METRO AG's newly established group focusing on helping a selection of its core METRO Cash & Carry wholesale business customers - the independent restaurant, hotels and caterers - with innovative tools and solutions to improve their business.
With offices in major METRO countries, we are a 30-plus person strong team representing more than 10 key geographies, driving innovation in hospitality through the METRO Accelerator, as well as large scale eco-system pilots in key geographies. We help confirmed and scalable innovations to gain further traction by leveraging METRO'​ Cash & Carry's more than 750 stores and 3,000+ people salesforce in structured programs.

Based in Bordeaux, France, we are an international startup accelerator focusing on Food, Beverages and Hospitality.
We bring together entrepreneurs and large corporations. We grow startups, opening distribution channels for them to reach their markets, and providing them with top mentoring and seed-capital investments. We assist large corporations working with startups, accelerating their digitization and embracing open innovation, worldwide.